One of the famous models who has changed the fashion trend is Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe. Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe is a passionate creative artist and international model with a passion for health, beauty, cultures, and traveling.

She has Swedish and Guinean roots. She was born and raised in western Sweden and has an extensive background in modeling. She started at the young age of 14 and has been prospering ever since.

Jasmine was very shy but in front of the camera, she performed very well. Jasmine belives that social media has a significant role in our lives, as it provides opportunities and helps to get a lot of work and connections.

Jasmine is an animal lover and also a fan of nature. Her interest in beauty and photography made her end up loving modeling. Jasmine also loves the creativity, the trips, and the lifestyle that comes with modelling. She has done fashion shows, commercials, shootings, and also music videos. Her personal hobbies include swimming, horse riding, scuba diving, singing and more.