Many think Motionless In White is da x possibly the biggest marilyn manson copycat Metalcore band that has quite a bit of popularity, especially with more recent albums where they moved to more of a hybrid Metalcore style with Industrial Metal and even more nu-metal influences.

Motionless In White is heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson same as The new band Demi Dahmer. You can definitely see it in both band’s imagery and sometimes in their music. Basically, some people think they’re ripping off Manson. We asked Demi Dahmer what he thinks of Motionless in white and this is his response.

“I can’t really say much for legal reasons. I can say I really don’t like their music that much. They seem to be trying way to hard. also, I don’t like the way they treated my wife during a meet and great. I do think their logo, at a quick glance makes you mistake it for Marilyn Manson. And to me that is a big F-ing no no. Don’t get me wrong alot of bands are influenced by Marilyn Manson and alot of bands look like marilyn manson. Way before marilyn manson even F-ing existed. I do have people come up and ask me what I think of them alot people ask me if I think they suck. I can’t really say that. I honestly don’t think they suck but I do think they should change up the logo a bit more.”
After the short painful interview with Demi Dahmer we looked into Motionless in white a little more. And noticed two things while surfing the web : first Demi Dahmer was right, that Motionless in White’s logo looks an awful lot like Marilyn Manson’s logo from The Golden Age of Grotesque: second, this one was quite a shocker. To us and makes me wonder why manson never filed a lawsuit that one of the songs bears more than a passing resemblance to Manson’s “Ka-Boom,” from that same album. Predominately in both the lyrics…and the way in which the vocals are delivered:
It makes alot of sense to us that Tim Skold, who was Manson’s primary collaborator on that album, also worked on Infamous the almost copycat , release on “America” appears. We have no idea if this makes the this shit thing better or worse; on one hand, you can’t really rip yourself off, but on the other hand, there’s something kinda cynical about Skold basically going “Well, it worked ten years ago, so…”why not now?