A businessman is a person who has traditionally run the business and relied solely on the buying and selling process. However, an entrepreneur is an entirely different person. He or she must be tempted to do even the existing traditional business in a new way and introducing new things, new services. In that sense, innovation and creativity are the hallmarks.

An entrepreneur is someone who recognizes phenomenal demand, finds a way to supply it, adds value to himself and society, and adds value to others. Being a successful entrepreneur requires a strong personality. Our purpose is to change the way the youth think. That is why we’re coming with inspirational stories about technology and start-ups.

Early Life

Educated at Isipathana College, he excelled in art and sports. You may be familiar with the name Anushka Gunasinghe before he entered the business field. Unfortunately, Anushka loses his degree due to attitudinal reasons, and then unemployment affects him. 

That time, he had the opportunity to work as a freelance photographer at Lake House. Photography was not new to him or his family because his father was also a photographer in the ’90s; it is through that family inspiration that a love for photography arises. 

Turning Point of his life

During an unexpected visit to Singapore in 2010, he was asked to bring several cameras for company’s work. That business idea was the turning point of his life. Then he has started CameraLK unofficially by pre-ordering and continues to import low-cost cameras for Srilankans. Social media was a big help to him in promoting this small business. That was the foundation of CameraLK, which is officially started in 2011 at the age of 22.

Youngest Sony Distributer in the field

He was the youngest Sony distributor to enter the field, and growing up dealing with a mature market that controlled the business was a challenge for him at a young age. Nowadays, he and his staff are able to successfully break the monopoly of cameras in Sri Lanka, which are priced higher than the international rates for camera equipment.

The Secret of the success

2012-2015 was a period of sudden growth in the tourism industry after the end of the war. He took advantage of the situation and made a good profit with the help of his wife, Noeline Pereira. She is also an inspirational character who broke the barriers as a woman. We have previously published an interview about her life journey too.

That’s because of the reasonable price and the effectiveness of the after-sales service. It is a must to say that cameraLK involved a direct contribution to the promotion of photography as a hobby by breaking the barrier, which was limited to as an expensive career. Camera LK is also ahead in treating their employees. That is why today, more than 65 employees work under him.

Strategies that he implemented 

Anushka believes that after-sales service and responsibility is the key to the success of his business. Particular Backup warranty System also helped a lot to increase their attraction because they are providing a new camera for customers who come to their service center to repair their cameras and a one-year warranty, which is interesting. Previously, we had to wait for two or three months until cameras are being repaired in Singapore.

They provide free lectures and awareness campaigns for buyers of their products. Bringing new technologies to Sri Lanka as soon as they are released, and the ability to buy a new Sony camera at a discount by giving your old Nikon or canon and using Social media for marketing. Those reasons were involved in surpassing competitors in a brief period.

Social welfare | CameraLK Photography Academy

Nowadays, Camera LK has five showrooms with a service center, and in addition to selling photographic equipment, they have recently set up a camera LK photo academy in 2014, which is designed to cater to the latest trends and demand for photography in Sri Lanka. Through this, about 600 students pass out every year. They are helping Social media influencers to avoid their technical barriers by giving sponsorships. 

In the Future

They hope to set up a new showroom in the Maldives, which will be a multi-brand showroom. Other than that, as Sony’s official distributor, they plan to turn CameraLK into a PLC company. Do not forget to congratulate him on his journey.