In 2020 we had to spend most of the time at home but 2021 arrived with its burden of hope and the possibility of resuming our routines. Although this is not an easy return because during isolation everything kept changing and evolving, including fashion. Is it valid to continue wearing pajamas to work? keep reading because we will give you keys to understand the new casual style.

What is new in casual fashion?

Thanks to the quarantine, loungewear clothing gained a lot of market, in addition athleisure was imposed as the favorite style to go out to do the unavoidable errands.

In the end everything translates into comfort and practicality. There are not uncontrolled  receipts of purchase every week because you do not leave the house. So you do not see the stores or consider it necessary to spend so much on clothes. When you do not know if you will have a job next month. The new casual style is based on smart shopping. Recycling what we have and mixing it with a new item. To renew ourselves without spending too much. Although fast fashion still exists. We have a slower pace of life now. And with it deciding on fashion is more thoughtful.

Keys for your new 2021 style

We love your hoodie with little kitty ears but they certainly do not make you look very professional. So if you go back to the office or university, it is absolutely necessary that you do a detox in your closet. Separate your clothes into 4 groups fit, fix, give away, and throw away. This way you can make room for new pieces that you may need. Designing a new casual style that remains just as comfortable but without losing sight of 2021 trends.

5 clothing categories that you need to update your casual style with

  • Dresses: Go for A-line dresses. Choose knee length or ankle length. Small floral prints are appealing. Avoid very large and extravagant designs on clothing. A shirt dresses in earth tones are the rage in addition to being a trend this year. It will be very versatile and easy to transform according to the occasion.
  • Blouses: Pieces with extra volume in sleeves continue in 2021. Update your casual style by using a blouse with balloon sleeves. Bright colors are a trend from the 90s that will help you raise the level of your clothes. Use a blouse in a neon color and the rest neutral so it will not overwhelm other people.
  • Jeans: The hegemony of skinny jeans is over. Today the casual style breathes comfort and therefore nothing is like boyfriend jeans to look very fashionable. Combine them with tank tops, delicate sweaters or with blouses made of luxurious materials such as silk. This creates a contrast between the feminine and the masculine.
  • Pants: Clothes that were reserved for going to the gym today is part of casual fashion. To show off your leggings you need a long blouse that hides your butt. Add a jacket, kimono or cardigan and casual shoes such as loafers, booties or high heels to those skin hugging leggings.
  • Accessories: The casual style is informal and comfortable without being sporty or sloppy. Accessories are important when we think about our personal image. Because they help us to better define the message we wish to convey with our clothes. Hats are not only for use on the beach. Nowadays hats are excellent accessories for our clothes, as well as protecting us from the sun. We recommend you try a panama or a fedora hat. You will be surprised how they make your casual style more sophisticated. 

Create your own style to look amazing on every occasion

One of the advantages of casual fashion is that it is very versatile and which allows you to go from a more formal occasion like work. To a more informal one like going out with friends. Do not be tempted to wear a t-shirt and yoga pants every day. You have plenty of equally comfortable and practical options. You can look 1,000 times better without spending a fortune.