DP:This year is starting out great for you musically
LS:Thank you it’s funny you mention that since the year just started and we’ve already had a lot happen so fast blessed man just blessed

DP:Love has always been an up & down thing as we followed you over the last three 3 year’s what is it about this relationship that’s so different because it’s been a big change
LS:I could start by saying home cooked meals everyday lol but on a serious note Elissa Villarreal has just been there since high school since my darkest day’s I felt she was to perfect for me before but in life you understand no one’s perfect but the way she speaks motivates makes me laugh & everything she’s done it’s so wow wifey material in life you wait patiently and see that love is blind & see the biggest steps that you go through with someone that can change a lot about you she’s made a big impact on my life professionally & personally again just blessed we’ve had our ups and downs but at the same time it makes me happy that I know who exactly I want to continue being with

DP: Congratulations you’ve charted with you’re single Get high how do you feel about that
LS:Honestly I’m still getting the chills knowing it’s came a long way it feels like it was just yesterday we something that was just a hit went on to be something way bigger it makes me happy and I never thought I’d ever hit the charts it’s never been anything to think about till now but honestly I couldn’t be more happier plus the reactions all around from family to friends after it was crazy I saw my mom just recently & she was super proud plus I celebrated with elissa with an amazing dinner

DP: So what’s next for Lordside
LS:We’ll this upcoming year I’m still going on to host the I got a hit radio award show which has been teased for some time & my first time hosting an event plus I’m definitely working on a lot of new tracks as we speak plus looking forward to the upcoming tour I can go on & on & on I’d love to say more but honestly we’re just gonna ride the wave & see where we go from here all I know is the future looks bright