A popular management agency by the name of MouyeGang Music Inc has shifted the course of the music industry through its powerful connections to some of the biggest names in rap. Affiliated with Roc Nation, Empire, Universal and more, the company has formed a talented roster of musicians both signed and independent. Their consistent quality content has opened doors and gained the respect of A-list celebrities and influencers across the board. Among these notable faces is recognized Hip-Hop icon and Miami legend Rick Ross. In the Instagram post here (https://www.instagram.com/p/COSofyIl7T8/) Ross shows love to the movement in a 10 second clip while showing off a bottle of Bel Air behind the scenes of his video shoot for the new Khaled Khaled album. The undeniably historical moment sheds light on the upcoming success of MouyeGang Music Inc which recently had one of their artists feature in a new Kodak Black video. Since hitting these milestones, the management agency is projected to flourish in the next several months. Supporters and outsiders are anxiously anticipating what’s to come next.