There are many examples in history and present that tell us that children follow in their parents’ footsteps. And same is the reason that people tell parents to live life diligently because children follow suit. 

One of those living examples is Yohan Mahanaga. Some of you might know him but for those who are not aware of him. Let me give you a short introduction. He is a young entrepreneur and investor. His father, Nishantha Mahanga, is a well-known musician. He was the legendary bass guitarist of Marians.

 Yohan, following in his father’s footsteps, is now entering the Sri Lankan music industry. He has decided to make his debut with the song called Aneesha. The music video of this outstanding song is directed by the renowned director Sandesh Bandara. The song features the world’s renowned gorgeous actress of the Island, who is none other than Shanudrie Priyasad. The outclass music video has been filmed in the breathtaking Ranminithenna.

This song is the first direction of Sandesh Bandra in Ranminithenna after his debut. It is not as if he has never worked in Ranminithenna. He has done a few works as an assistant director over there, but it is his first project in that beautiful place as a director. 

Talking about the song and music video, both are astonishing. The location has played a remarkable role in the background of the music video. Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that Ranminithenna has been a fantastic production site for various other projects as well, and it is all because of the great structures that enhance its beauty.

You will sense a Bollywood music industry aura adorned with Indian culture through the song and music video. You might be wondering why Indian culture? Since both are neighboring countries hence, they have a mixed colliding culture. And the resemblance is visible in the song Aneesha.

Do give the song a listen, and you for sure will love it!

available on spotify and apple music !