You may recall that we recently published an article on the evolution of Iraj. If you didn’t read yet, check that too.  This is about another aspect of him. 


A talented young man named Janith needed 40 lakhs in two weeks for his emergency surgery. The specialty of this was that it had to import even the required ones regarding the operation. 

The amount of money needed to import the bone and build the bone was approximately two hundred thousand. The operation and the rest of the work required about 2.9 million. Accordingly, the total amount was 4 million. Janith was very helpless in this situation.

As we all know, young entrepreneur Iraj Weeraratne has come forward as a volunteer to take up this challenge as always.  However, this is just one more challenge for Iraj.  As usual, he has released a video on his youtube channel and spread the news virally through his social media campaign. 

As a result of that, under Iraj’s intervention, more than this needed amount of money – about $ 48 million – was found within 48 hours. So how can you not appreciate these things?  It is pointing out the power of social media to the whole world within 48 hours. 

As a nation, we must thank you, Iraj, and people who trust at you. We have no debate about your modesty and humanity. EonlineSrilanka, we wish Janith’s surgery a success.