Life Story of Salon Owner Who Became a Millionaire

This is about a young Entrepreneur who started and succeeds in a different career, which is in hair care and Beauty as a hairdresser. You must be heard about “Salon LIYO” It was founded by Mr. Dhanushka Chathuranga in 2009. This is about the journey of his life. One of the best hair stylists in Sri Lanka, Most of them are famous politicians, artists in various fields like in the film industry, commercials even cricketers like Kusal Janith Pereira, T.M Dilshan etc.

As a personality, he’s doing many charity programs for actually who want help at the right time. When we are talking about Dhanushka Chathuranga, We cannot ignore his company. “Salon LIYO” is the winner of the Hair and Beauty International 17th National Awards and specializes in fantastic hair do’s and makeovers. 

It has expanded to incorporate with branches, and more than 40+ employees work with him under his direction. LIYO IS different because they are treating the same way for his employees as well as their customers. Such as Seasonal Bonuses, sharing Company profit percentage as well for the employees at end of the year. It’s always about caring; Covering their personal problems as well. 

According to Him, he believes that turning Point of the brand name “LIYO” is the grooming part (men’s hair). They keep up with the industry trends and have reasonable prices for many extensive international hair treatments. 

Each service and request is based on the customer’s personality. The stylist should have to make a particular link with the client to understand their expectations and to guide them without imposing anything. It’s kind of a place where clients become friends, who in return invite their friends and we all have a great laugh and chat in the spaces created.

Thanks to his experiences, he said that if you want to start something unique to you, according to your work of the mind, it decides how much effort you take by the body. First, let your mind decide. If you do that, you can earn by working hard, not using your body, by using your mind. 

However, every successful life has an untold story. If you want to start your own business, but you still failed to start it, you must watch this. 

In the video, he said he has stayed alone with those hard days, sometimes cried because he failed to go to the home due to less money. How he came to Colombo with his six friends without anything.

It’s covering simply everything like hilarious moments in his past lifestyle/ career. How he got interested in the field and how he faced all the things and how he came this far with his loving wife and regarding Customer satisfaction.

You can learn many things as a beginner who wants to change the career path by yourself through followed his plans and methods.

Dhanushka Chathuranga
Salon LIYO
Contact Us – 0773885122 / 0112812130
224/A , 7 Mile Post , Highlevel Road Nugegoda
More Pic On instagram : liyo_dhanushka


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