Simply, Retouching is the ability to manipulate reality to change the image or drawing into whatever you wanted. A good retoucher can get the job done, but a great retoucher can communicate, inspire the client, and find solutions for things that nobody else can solve.

This is somebody who has a perspective on the artwork, a personal perspective like visual ethics, that they can use to make an image not look like anything else that they’ve seen

Meshan Dilsh is a post-production artist, a Photo Retoucher who touched the International market through locally. His eight years+ of experience directly involved in his career. Retouching is a necessary part of the photographic process in these days. 

Dilsh is currently working for international magazines, model banks, photographers, and also leading brands of Sri Lanka. He helps to succeed Retouching Editorials, Ad Campaigns, and Commercial Fashion for Photographers, Creative Agencies, and well-known fashion companies as well.