Zion_lk is a leading online store located in Colombo Sri Lanka owned by Deanne De Silva. she is a 17 years old girl who started this business with only Rs.5000/= in hand and converted it to Rs.50,000/= within 3 months. Deanne went through a lot of hardships but never gave up. she has a born passion for business and he is planning on starting a new online business page in April. Zion_lk provides different high-quality items including jewellery, special foods, valentine gifts, mobile accessories, makeup essentials and many more. Zion_lk is a trusted store with hundreds of happy customers all over Sri Lanka. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal in our business and we always do the best for our customers. Both cash on delivery and bank deposits are available for your ease. Shop with us to have a pleasing experience.

1.Let’s start from the introduction.

My name is Deanne Destiny Desilva. I’m 17 years old. Currently doing my local a’levels and following a degree in Business management.

2. Usually girls gravitate towards something like textile, or modeling or something along the line. And how did you find your self in accessories industry.

Value added products makes us feel cool, confident and excellent. This is what I found out when using them so I know that it’s the same feel that others will get and that’s what attracted me to this business.

3. Is there any special reason you chose accessories manufacturing? Or rather what’s your inspiration?

My inspiration is to add value to people. It gives me great pleasure when I see people using my products.

4.Did you have any prior experience? And how crafty were you in contrast for today?

I’m a student of style and fashion. That’s what helps me to be innovative.

5. I’ve seen a trends raising, making accessories with disposables? And reusable items, what is your take on that? And do you plan to take part in it?

I have strong values when it comes to becoming Eco friendly. So I will not compromise in producing, marketing or selling anything that will go against my values.

6. When did you think of making accessories into a business? And why?

Creativity is my passion. And that’s how ZionLK was birth.

7. And is this only yours or do you have other partners? And are your parents and friends are helpful for you?

My sister helps me in the packaging and my parents are my inspiration.

8. What does the name zion means to you? And how did you come up with your name?

Zion means mountain top. And that’s where I want to get to.

9. What is the difference between your product and others as you see?

Custom made, Good quality and durable.

10. What are the future plans of your company?

Increasing product range, Doing more outdoor sales and helping those who wants to launch similar type of business.

11. As a business woman where do you see yourself in 10 years? And what kind of goals you hope you achieve?

Exporting custom made items. Launching new businesses. Having my own workshops and helping many to start their own businesses.

12. As a successful woman what is the message you have to give other girls?

Learning to make the most of time and opportunity and never be driven by money.

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