Everyone must be knowing about Noeline Pereira. Earlier, we wrote an article about her inspiring success story. This time we found out that she has started something new. That is a project called ‘Noeline’s’. it’s mainly for eylash extensions, wax, manicure, and pedicure. There’re a lot of premium nail enhancement too, such as acrylic, gel, dipping on natural nails, and even colors like gel color French, infinite shine ombre, and other services for high to low prices according to your pocket.

Noelines is the place for those who want to extend their natural eyebrows without mascara or curls. Nails are a very close part of a women’s lifestyle and one of the most revealing aspects of everyone. A polished finish look will be the most complimentary accessory for you. She has a team of professional and specialized technicians to provide the latest innovations in beauty services. Its time to feel the experience of care with pedicure and manicure by yourself.

78A Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6