This article is about a person who became very popular within a short period through social media because of Ratta. (YouTuber) Before that, we all knew him as a singer. However, he is not just an artist. At the moment he helps popular artists and brands to develop their digital presence free of charge as a passion

As an Artist

Sajeewa Randula Dissanayake entered the field of arts around 2016. At that time, the song “Ikman Vela” was viral on social media. Later, he released his second song, “Will a Day come” in Bengali and Nepali. It was around 2019. After a two-year hiatus, he released his third music video.

Early life and background

His ambition was to be a cricketer. That’s why he played cricket for Royal College and joined Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club. However, his business family background might have affected him to choose a different path. 

He followed CIMA and holds diplomas In Banking, Finance, and Management Accounting. He is currently working in a bank.  His father, Ranjith Dissanayake, is a businessperson and his mother is the manager of a famous finance company. He has a sister named Vagheesha Randuli.

As a Social Media Consultant

Although Sajeewa is an artist, we can call him a social media strategist because he proved that he is capable of doing it. After Ratta’s incident, the service that he provided for free to a limited crowd could no longer be performed for free due to the high demand. It is because time is valuable for all of us.

Sajeewa mentioned that he has been handling social media issues for more than three years for free. However, his talent was revealed after he saved Ratta’s YouTube channel and the number of requests got dramatically increased. 

Sajeewa wanted to limit them because even a single issue takes a lot of time to handle. So, he decided to build a team of specialists to handle requests and charge clients based on the time involved & the depth of the issue. So, don’t hesitate to do whatever you like. You should not limit yourself to one thing and don’t just do it for free. Everything should be reasonably priced.Sajeewa also mentioned that the fees you pay there directly goes to these people to appreciate their talent

If you’re facing any kind of social media issues, you can submit a request to this team through sajeewa’s official website by filling the required information. Then the said team will investigate your issue and will guide you to solve the problem.

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